Naša predajňa je opäť otvorená, avšak so sprísnenými hygienickými požiadavkami (povinné rúško, rukavice/dezinfekcia), naďalej vykonávame aj rozvoz tovaru po celom Slovensku od 30m2.


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The seller: WOOD-PROFIL s.r.o., Liesek 489/1, 027 12 Liesek, Company ID: 47 891 203, Tax ID: 2024140305, VAT ID: SK2024140305. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Žilina, Section: Sro, entry no. 62812/L.

Contact details: phone: +421 907 885 834, e-mail:

The buyer: a private person or company that have chosen the goods on the websitewww.tatranskyprofil.euand ordered it. During the registration, the buyer shall state correct and true data, mostly the name, delivery address and contact details.


The order from means any phone order after mutual agreement of the seller and the buyer or email order confirmed by the customer and based on the quotation or email order based on the goods and prices stated in the website and sent to the email: with correct and full contact details (name, surname, address, contact). The website contains the enquiry form where the customer (buyer) may add required goods, quantities and contact details and send it. Then, we will make the quotation and send it to the customer’s email stated in the enquiry form and when the buyer confirms the quotation, the quotation becomes an order.

All the orders confirmed by email or phone are considered binding.

The buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason within 24 hours after its placement. When cancelling the order, the buyer shall state their name, email and description of the ordered goods. The buyer shall inform the company about cancelling their order via email to:, or via phone to: +421 907 885 834. The seller then sends the confirmation of cancellation, if requested by the customer. The cancelling is for free and no additional fees are charged.

The seller is entitled to cancel the order or its part, if the order cannot be considered firm (incorrect phone number, customer is not available, does not respond to emails, etc.) or if the goods are no longer produced or delivered, or if the supplier significantly changed the price for the goods. In case of such situation, the seller shall immediately contact the buyer and arrange the further steps.  In case the buyer has already paid greater part of or full price, the amount shall be transferred to their address via postal order or to the bank account within 7 business days.


The order is considered a purchase order draft and the very purchase contract is concluded when the seller delivers binding confirmation of the order by email or phone.

By concluding the purchase contract, the buyer confirms that they have been informed about these commercial conditions, including complaint policy and that they agree with them. The buyer is advised of these commercial conditions and complaint policy and they have the possibility to read them before placing an order.


The seller undertakes to deliver the correct goods, required type, size, length, quality and amount as required in the order and based on the customer’s order. However, the seller reserves the right to adjust the quantity of ordered goods rounded up regarding the packaging in whole bundles, while the buyer may ask for decreasing the number of m2 in 1 bundle when receiving the goods from the importer.

The seller shall not be responsible for failed delivery of the goods caused by the manufacturer or the supplier due to any limitation or termination of distribution rights or other unforeseeable events. The seller is entitled to ask for the written confirmation of the order from the buyer according to the nature of the order, but mostly at the orders higher than € 1,000.00.

The buyer undertakes to takeover the ordered goods, to check their condition and pay for the order according to the terms agreed when the order was received. The buyer undertakes to provide timely access to the agreed delivery location and to remove any obstacles that could obstruct the manipulation with the goods during unloading or that could damage the importer’s machinery. If the buyer fails to takeover the ordered goods, the seller reserves the right to compensation if the buyer fails to takeover the goods due to other than unforeseeable events (weather, family issues) or justified dissatisfaction with the quality.


The buyer that does not buy the goods they intend to use for their business activity, has a right to withdraw from the contract within 7 days from taking over the goods, pursuant to the valid and effective legislation.

The right to withdraw from the contract within 7 days shall not be considered as an opportunity for borrowing the goods. In case of claiming the right to withdraw from the contract, the buyer shall return all the goods received according to the purchase contract. If it is not possible (e.g. the goods have been damaged or used between the delivery and withdrawal), the buyer shall compensate what cannot be returned. If the returned goods are partially damaged, the seller may claim the compensation for the damage and include their right to return the price paid. The seller may also add their actual costs incurred (transportation costs) to the purchase price that shall be returned.


The delivery of the ordered goods shall be done within the shortest time possible, according to the goods availability and operational possibilities of the seller.


During the order placement, the prices stated on the website are correct. We reserve the right to adjust the prices and typographic errors, in case of exchange rate changes or significant changes of the supply terms and conditions from the manufacturers and other suppliers. The price stated at includes transport, in case of ordering more than 30m2 of goods, in case of ordering the amount of goods lower than 30m2 or ordering goods with different units of measure (e.g. running meters, pieces, bundles) we charge the transportation cost between €5 —> €25, depending on the value and agreement between the seller and the buyer.


The buyers may pay for the ordered goods at via pro forma invoice, but usually via the cash payment when receiving the goods from the importer.

The buyer obtains the ownership rights to the delivered goods by paying the whole purchase price, i.e. when the money is credited to the seller’s account.


The buyer shall check the goods before the takeover and/or paying for the goods. If the buyer detects mechanical damage of the goods, the buyer shall make a record of damage in the presence of the importer. The importer is responsible for the damage during transport. Based on the record, the buyer shall get appropriate discount or new goods delivered.

In case of complaining about the mechanical damage that could not be detected during the takeover of the goods, the buyer shall complaint about it immediately after the takeover, by email to, stating their name and address, phone, type, size, quality and amount of the delivered goods, the description of the damaged goods as soon as possible, but not longer than 30 days since the purchase/receiving the goods.

We will not accept late complaints about the mechanical damage.

The guarantee shall not be applied to the damage caused by natural or excessive mechanical wearing out, damage of the goods or its spoilage or damage of its parts due to the inappropriate storage; use of the goods in areas with inappropriate temperature, humidity, chemical and mechanical influence of the area where the goods are normally used. The guarantee also does not apply to the damages made due to the natural disaster, violent damage, weather conditions or operation in extreme and unusual conditions.

In case of an unjustified complaint, the goods shall be returned to the buyer with the corresponding statement. The seller shall process the complaint without unnecessary delay, mostly within 5-7 days, but not longer than 30 days since the complaint.

In case of the justified complaint, the guarantee period shall be extended by the complaint processing period. If the complaint was solved within the guarantee period by replacing the goods, then the new guarantee period shall begin since the day on which the complaint was settled. The seller shall advise the buyer about settlement of the complaint either by phone or email and shall send the goods to the buyer at their own costs.


By sending their data, the user agrees with personal data processing pursuant to the act no. 428/2002 on personal data protection in the information systems. The controller hereby undertakes not to provide the personal data obtained from the buyer via the enquiry form, phone order of email order to the third parties without prior consent of the owner, and the data shall not be used for commercial offer not related to the promotion of this e-shop. The controller also undertakes to erase the personal data from their database upon the customer’s wish at any time.


All legal relations between the buyer and the seller shall be governed by the Slovak Republic legislation. In case of issues not stated in these Commercial conditions, the corresponding provisions of the Commercial Code shall be applied. The controller reserves the right to adjust these commercial conditions. The commercial conditions become valid and effective on 1.1.2017.

Roman Jadroň
chief executive officer of WOOD-PROFIL s.r.o.

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