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Right choice of wood profiles depends on several aspects.  First, it’s important to know where you want to use the profile. Then, you must decide which type or shape of the profile you want. We offer many traditional profiles like regular cladding – tongue and groove, flooring, rounded loglap cladding, as well as atypical interior and exterior claddings from our own production as well as from the imported wood. The size is very important. Our bulletin will help you to choose the correct thickness of the profile for the individual projects. It is also important to choose the correct quality class and material.

Material, higher processing level and atypical profile range are basic differences between our products and imported Estonian products.  Our products are made of our own woody plants, i.e. quality Slovak wood. Imported Estonian products are made of Nordic woody plants such as Siberian spruce, Siberian pine, ash and Siberian larch (European larch) with higher density. Their density is a result of slow tree growth in colder northern areas. Moreover, these woody plants are more durable. Durability is a must of the first-class processing and final quality.

You can find partial and complete price list with all products, including size, material, grade and unit prices, on our website. If you are interested in buying large quantities, please contact us and we can agree on lower price.

Of course. If you think that we should quote you individually, please use the enquiry form or call us.

We ship the orders above 50m2 for FREE within Slovakia by our own means. In case you are interested in the amounts smaller than 30m2, the shipping costs vary according to the order price, distance and mutual agreement.

It depends on many aspects – the product availability, the amount of ordered goods or the complexity of your order. Each order is processed individually, and the customer is advised about the processing time when placing the order. Delivery usually takes between 3-10 calendar days.

We transport the goods in IVECO DAILY vans that have enough capacity and can get anywhere. (Van dimensions – length: 6.5 m, width: 2.5 m, height: 3.3 m)

Quality grade II, or grade C is given to the wood profiles sorted out during production. It concerns the profiles that do not meet the criteria of grade I, i.e. grade AB. Such wood profiles are labelled and further sold at lower prices. Grade II profiles are suitable for simple projects or farm buildings where the price is the deciding factor. Grade II is given to products with mistakes/damages like too black or too red colour, knotholes, splits or other slight damages. Tongue and groove joints remain operational despite the mentioned defects and the lowered quality does not influence the installation. Colour disturbance can be covered by darker or white topcoat.

The length of our products differs according to the type, size and quality grade. We will gladly inform you about the lengths offer and availability via the phone or contact form.

Of course, visit us at our operation in Liesek (Tvrdošín district). We will gladly help you to choose the correct product, show you the individual products and give you samples to get a hands-on experience.

We have been in wood business for 15 years now, while we gradually got better at manufacturing and selling our products. We are currently a seller with the longest tradition in our field in Slovakia. Also, we have the widest range of products and many satisfied customers and partners also from abroad. We can still satisfy wide range of customers, even in these fast-moving times. We prefer quality, wide range of products, goods in stock, fast shipping and the individual approach. We guarantee you to be very satisfied with our products and services.


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